Keyword Research Guide for B2B and B2C Business

Keyword Research Guide for B2B and B2C Business
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Keyword research sounds to be a tedious and difficult task when you think about it.

Most small businesses or those start-up businesses after setting up their website think its enough and neglect doing keyword research.

Does instinct or knowledge about the business enough to know the right keywords?

Not quite though…

Using the right keywords guides your marketing campaigns. If people aren’t searching for the keywords you use, it’s useless. Knowing the average monthly search volume of a keyword helps in knowing the interests of people which in turn visit your website and turn to customers. This is not always the case though, that’s why you need an SEO Specialist or SEO Expert to analyze and interpret the data for you if you have no or little experience.

There are keywords that are easier to rank and difficult ones depending on their popularity or keyword difficulty that will help get your brand in the SERP’s.

In the Philipines or other countries, most people use Google Search Engine to find content or websites through keywords.

Keywords are basically important and help businesses know what your target audience is looking for.

Let me walk you through the basics of Keyword research, why it’s important, how to do it properly, and effective tips that drive organic traffic to your site.

What is Keyword Research?

Its a process to know what are the search query strings that people are using to find your business or web content, how often it’s used in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Doing keyword research can be done using different tools to find the right search terms used that are relevant to your business.

Why Keyword Research Important?

The advancement of technology nowadays is so fast and convenient compared to a few years back. Doing business is not the same anymore as traditional methods. If you’re behind to the latest trend of what’s working now, then you won’t succeed.

Doing it properly will help a search engine (Google) understand and to show relevant service or page to a target audience.

How to do Keyword Research?

We can discuss this by using free and paid tools depending on your budget or preference. There are actually a lot of tools out there online but these are my preferences which you can check out.

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Keywords Explorer

What’s good about using Ahref’s Keywords Explorer is you can specify which country’s data you want such as the Philippines for example. This paid tool also gives you data such as suggestions on phrases that match your keywords, all keyword ideas, having the same terms, and more. Be sure to take note of each month’s average search volume of a specified keyword (example are branded or non-branded keywords) if you want to take note of the progress, unlike other tools. Also, no data for average search volume for the mobile version.

2. SemRush

SemRush Keyword Overview

SemRush is also a paid tool but you have a free month of using it. If you continue using it without paying, you’ll get a limited free search per day. The good thing about this tool is you can get mobile version data to further optimize your site to those who are using mobile to search for your site.



This paid tool is somewhat the same as Ahrefs where you can get data on Google, Youtube, and others. Also, you can select which location and language. The difference between them is giving different data when it comes to the average search volume.

4. Google


Google search engine is one of the ways to get keyword ideas for your site. If you have a paid tool already, it’s always good to check the keyword, what search terms, and content pops up. Be sure to set it to a specified country though before you do a search.

5. Answer the Public

Answer the public visualization

Another paid tool to know what questions people are asking in their query for a search term. Targeting these questions of customers helps them find the answers they are looking for.

Why Keywords are not Ranking?

Even though you have selected the high search volume keyword, it’s still not a guarantee that your page will rank for that specific keyword right away. Be sure to check out competitors by typing the keyword in Google search to check.

There are other factors why that page is ranking for that keyword. It could be due to the number of backlinks or how they optimize their on-page SEO.

Improve your Rankings

Keyword research might be an overwhelming task if you do it personally. Hiring a person who knows SEO is much easier. Let Digital Marketing Agency Be Visible Media help you for you to focus on what’s important, which is your business.

If you do it right then you will see improvements in ranking especially locally.

Dale Basilla