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What is SEO?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” and it’s a process that helps improve your site’s rank or position in search engine such as Google.

Optimizing your website to attract more business or customers from relevant local searches (on a specific area) to national (across the country)

SEO Process
Why Do You Need SEO

Why Do You Need SEO?

A website with no traffic becomes useless if customers aren’t able to find you online. However, if the website contains all the appropriate SEO strategies, your business may be able to generate leads and convert visitors into potential buyers.

If you want your SEO marketing plan to work, you definitely need valuable content on your site, including targeted, fresh content, intuitive web interface, and impressive photos. Be Visible Media will form a strong partnership with you to identify your target users and to make your site visible to your target audience.

How Long Will I Need to Do SEO?

Business owners typically ask this basic question as they want to know how much time it will need to get their SEO investments back. In fact, SEO should form part of your marketing plan if you want your business to appear on the first page of Google search results for as long as you want. But this may require regular optimization of your website because Google uses over 200 ranking factors that significantly influence the online visibility of your business. You also need to think about thousands of online competitors competing against you, and each keyword you try to rank will also need to compete with other businesses.

Your business may rank on the first page today, but you may not see it the next time you check the search results. The average period for an investment return falls between three and six months depending on the number of competitors, SEO practices, website content, user experience, and quick loading time. And considering long-term SEO, about a year or even longer for instance, will further boost your online presence, resulting in continuous organic traffic flow. Factors that often influence the amount of time you need to do SEO include:

  • Marketing period from gathering data, creating the appropriate campaign, measuring effectiveness, revising plans and more
  • Constant Google updates on search algorithm and guidelines
  • Permanent battle in getting high enough for customers to see your web pages or app

In general, SEO is a continuous marketing process that should continue to improve or maintain as long as you’re running the business online. Since the internet is a vast and ever-increasing marketplace, there will always be competitors competing against your product or service on the same page. Be Visible Media can help you get more qualified traffic on every keyword that matters the most for your business while providing results that are realistic and measurable.

Why Choose Be Visible Media As Your Cebu SEO Agency Partner?

Collaborating with Be Visible Media enables you to outsmart the competition in the Cebu business landscape with our top-of-the-line SEO services. The team of SEO Specialists in Be Visible Media works for businesses of various sizes, helping them get more traffic, convert more customers, and create a wider market.

Our talented SEO experts have established hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for clients seeking to increase organic website traffic, online leads, and conversions in recent years.

To get started, you may request a free SEO strategy proposal.

• Quality Results Delivered by our SEO Experts in Cebu

Combining the SEO expertise of our team and modern SEO tools, we offer you a clear edge over your competitors. As one of the best SEO agency in Cebu, Philippines, Be Visible Media prides itself on using cutting-edge technology platforms capable of measuring the overall effectiveness of the SEO efforts for our clients. We have proven strategies that are tested before applying them over the websites of our clients to ensure quality results.

SEO Services We Offer

On-Page Optimization

SEO On- Page in Lapu-Lapu, City Cebu

Off-Page/Link Building

SEO-OFF page in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu


  • Site Audit
  • Pagespeed optimization
  • Robot.txt
  • Site Architecure
  • Sitemap
  • Crawl errors
  • Image optimization
  • Indexation
  • Schema
  • Minify JS/CSS
  • Mobile optimization


  • Keyword Research
  • Heading tags
  • Alt-text
  • URL structure
  • Meta tags
  • Internal linking
  • Canonization
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Fix Keyword Cannibalization
  • Writing blog articles/web content

Link Acquisition

  • Guest Post
  • Sponsored Post
  • Niche Edit
  • Citation
  • Link reclamation
  • Broken Link Building

and more…

Some SEO Questions That Our Cebu SEO Specialist Team are Asked

1. Why does SEO take time to deliver results?

SEO requires time because your website needs to climb up the search results first before potential customers may be able to find you. With a strong emphasis on offering users the most relevant search results on their search query, search engine algorithms became more advanced to discourage unfair SEO practices like keyword stuffing and inappropriate placement of backlinks.

3. Why is SEO strategy important for businesses?

Since search engines have become more advanced at identifying the true intent of search queries, the use of SEO strategy has even become more important to see growth. Once online visibility increases, your business may be able to develop organic traffic instead of paid traffic, which may potentially result in more savings and higher revenue.

4. What are some common Google ranking factors?

Only Google search engine algorithms can determine what relevant factors may influence the SEO ranking of any web page. There are reportedly more than 200 ranking factors being used by Google, for instance, to deliver the highest quality search results. You should expect pages to rank differently based on the set of keywords and relevance of the content from each website.

5. What is the importance of website speed?

Here’s a simple question for you. How long would you wait for any website to load in full? Since many people have a short attention span when browsing online, your website needs to provide the necessary information users are looking for in a few seconds. Otherwise, your visitors will abandon the website immediately, especially if your website doesn’t load up in less than 3 seconds, at the very least. When a user visits a website and leaves without visiting any other pages, this is already a clear indication that user experience isn’t good.

7. How is the SEO landscape changing?

The digital landscape of SEO marketing keeps changing from desktop to mobile app, helping users gain access to information at any given time. Visiting time on mobile devices is now higher than digital media usage for desktop, and this remarkable trend is set to continue in the succeeding years. Even Google has considered mobile page speed among its long list of ranking factors. You might need to consider increasing the speed of your mobile pages to avoid potential accessibility issues on your site in the future.

8. Is blogging helpful to SEO strategy?

Yes, it is. If you always create fresh content for your website, you also increase your chances to rank higher for the set of keywords related to your industry. You can drive more organic search results if you only produce high-quality content without practicing keyword stuffing.

9. How do you explain On-page SEO?

On-page SEO involves several actions performed on the website to improve its overall performance, including a few such as but not limited to:

  • Utilizing all optimized contents carrying the targeted keywords seen on content, headers, and meta descriptions
  • Reducing the number of duplicated pages that contain the same contents
  • Ensuring ease of navigation for the users (referring to site accessibility and use of internal links)
  • Making sure that the site is properly indexed or crawled by search engines
  • Ensuring fast loading speed (technical SEO and audit)
  • Designing functional websites that are optimized for both desktop and mobile access

10. Why is keyword research valuable to SEO?

Keywords drive qualified and organic traffic to a website. However, if your business operates in a competitive marketplace, you definitely need to do your keyword research properly and be assessed by an expert. Be Visible Media will use several SEO analyzing tools to identify target keywords and evaluate how competitive these are for your business.

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