About Us

Welcome to Be Visible Media

Creating opportunities for small to mid size local businesses in the Philippines and have the  potential to reach their target audience online. 

Who Are We

Dale Basilla is a full time SEO, working personally with clients and agencies in the US who are outsourcing their work or looking for an individual who knows how to do SEO. I also provide SEO and other services to businesses here in the Philippines

Our Mission

Help small to mid size businesses in the Philippines and international clients gain VCP (Visibility, Credibility, Profitability) online.

What We Do

Build website for their business and help improve their brand’s visibility online through SEO (On-Page & Off-Page)

Our history

In 2010, Dale started through different small gigs online. During 2014, I decided to focus a specific skill which is SEO but started as a content writer on different niches as I feel it was necessary or a prerequisite at that time. After a few months, I ventured purely on SEO and then I was hired and trained by different digital marketing agencies in the US in the field of SEO. During 2017, he created HOWPO that serves as a guide to help other Filipinos. After doing SEO for more than 5 years, I decided to take on clients in the Philippines

Our 6-D process



Discover the needs of your business, understanding your goals and objective.



Defining the necessary requirements of your project to be able to set goals, estimate costs, and discuss specific deliverables.



Designing the website’s architecture by focusing on searchability, usability, and simplicity but professional design.



Develop a user-friendly and attractive website. Create an SEO strategy.



Launching your website and implement on-page SEO.



Delivering the finished website and the results (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) when it comes to SEO.

Why choose us?

Simple, clean, and professional website at an affordable price.

Able to respond on any issues encountered or just answering your questions.

Focused on the end-result of any task, espcially SEO

I’m experienced in the field of SEO and my client’s testimonials is proof of it.

Projects Handled
Happy Clients
Deals Closed

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