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You may get a beautiful personalized website optimized for SEO and mobile accessiblity when you team up with a reputable web design agency. Be Visible Media, a Cebu based Web design agency, features a collaborative team of web designers capable enough to produce highly impressive websites that will help you achieve your business goals in no time. With our proven track record for success, we can create professional websites systematically planned to improve conversion rates, capture viewers, and maximize your brand exposure over the internet.

Web Design Agency with a Track Record for Success in Cebu

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Web Design Agency in Cebu?

There are several reasons why investing in web design services is now a necessity for all digital businesses. A business website with a professional look may significantly increase your conversion rates, search ranking, and level of competitiveness from the current niche you’re operating. The results you get will have a positive impact on your revenues, market share, online presence, and overall business growth. Here’s how we can clearly explain the benefits of web design services:

1. Elevating Your Search Ranks

Online users heavily rely on search terms to find what they are looking for, whether they are using mobile phones, portable devices, or laptops. Connecting with your potential customers can become difficult if your website doesn’t show up on the first two pages of the search results. SEO should form part of your online marketing plan to boost the search ranking of your website as well as to drive more traffic and conversions. With our tested optimization tactics and competitive SEO strategy, your website may be able to rank better for search terms related to your nature of the industry.

Your digital marketing strategies are also enhanced when you use our web design services. Remember that your website acts as your primary base station where you direct users from an email subscription, social media interaction, and search results. This is why it is important to maintain an updated website fully optimized for search engines and digital marketing strategies like PPC campaigns, email marketing, and traditional ad campaigns.

2. Increasing your Conversion Rates and Leads

Since digital business now involves online interaction, web design can increase conversion numbers, whether that conversion is about someone directly purchasing a product or signing up for a monthly newsletter. However, the success of any conversion largely depends on the value of your content, regardless if you use videos, blog content, or colorful pictures. And as a valuable component of web design, you will need local SEO in order to drive more in-store visits or direct engagement with your customers through your website.

Now, if you feature an outdated website with no other fresh content, you are likely pushing your customers away or discouraging them from visiting your store or purchasing any product from you. However, you can easily create a lasting impression from customers if you regularly update your website or make it more accessible for them. By doing so, you may likely get more conversions whether you get customers by becoming a new subscriber for your email newsletter or calling your team for new orders.

3. Utilizing your Business Advantage

To stay competitive in today’s digital world, you need to maximize your competitive edge over other market rivals. Your unique selling points may become useless if you keep running an outdated website even if you can provide better products and services than what your competitors can. Our web design services may provide the necessary content created in various forms, including headers, banners, images, or embedded videos, emphasizing that your business remains the best in the industry. A quick update to your website can be more than enough to increase your market share and generate additional sales, especially if you focus on improving your user experience.

4. Optimizing for Website Accessibility

Overall, user experience significantly influences the decision of the customers, whether to make a purchase or abandon your website due to poor site navigation. Your business may offer customers the best user experience if you allow web designers to organize the content of your website. Our team of web designers, for instance, can vastly improve the readability of your website for both desktop and mobile access, so people can easily find the product information they need.

Now, when you seek our professional web design services, you can get an efficient website offering the following features:

  • Customized according to your business objectives
  • Full access to mobile devices and browsers
  • Optimized for SEO (local and international coverage)
  • Website layout and profiles that look professional
  • Database integration as part of eCommerce functionality

Be Visible Media also offers 100% transparency on its web design pricing methods and contract terms. Our team may grant customers full access to our pricing strategies, covering all packages from the initial design phase to final website development.

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Cebu Web Design Agency?

Whether you need to update or create a whole new website, web design requires a lot of work in various stages. You need to think about how much content you have to put and how your website is performing on the internet. You should also consider integrating technology updates and improving on user experience for your customers as often as possible.

As a business owner, you may need to decide whether you will hire freelance web designers or seek the expertise of web design agencies. Your digital marketing success, lead growth, and revenues will be influenced by the creative abilities of your digital marketing agency, so you really need to get it right.

When hiring a web design agency, here are the things you need to think about because you’re putting your trust and budget to someone else’s shoulder:

  • Ability to accept your web design project requirements

The complexity of your web design project will significantly influence your decision on what design team to hire, particularly if you look forward to building a new website requiring custom work and tech-based integration. Their ability to perform eCommerce or social media integration, custom layout, and website optimization should form part of your initial checklist.

You also need to know what specific services are included in your partnership with any web design contractor. Verify what technical skills they can offer for your business, for instance, if they can create superb user experience or user interface design. Building partnerships with a reliable web design agency that offers multiple services from web development to SEO marketing may greatly reduce your operational cost in the long run.

  • The ability of your internal team to work with a web design agency

It is critical to see both your team and your chosen web designers work together in one direction. Project approvals, reviews, and internal communication activities are all important parts of website development, so your web design agency is expected to deliver outputs alongside your internal team to achieve your business goals within the timeline.

  • Determining the long-term value

Before hiring a web design agency, remember to consider the long-term value, competitive edge, and upfront cost required by your business. You should determine how much you are willing to spend over unexpected circumstances, such as work delays and unsatisfactory outputs. Because if you partner with a digital agency, you would want to see what you will get out of your investment.

Determining which services are included in the package may also influence your decision when you hire a digital marketing agency. Before finalizing any decision, you need to verify if the agency is willing to provide extended services such as tech support, security updates, minor bug fixes, and other forms of maintenance work for a lower cost.

  • Personalities behind the team

Since web design requires a steady form of partnership that can last anywhere from several weeks to a few months, you definitely need to know the team members whom you are dealing with. You should also determine who on your team will be involved with your web design agency with regard to project meetings and evaluation to make sure they can work together on the same page. That’s because a healthy work rapport between two sides is necessary to ensure success for your project.

Other factors to consider may include:

  • Previously completed projects and case studies (check project scale and rendered services from past works)
  • Customer referrals
  • Performance reviews or testimonials
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Services and designing capabilities
  • Work process from initial design to project completion
  • How busy are they before you introduce your project
  • Ability to meet your deadline or launch date

Get A Performance-Driven Website For Your Business

Be Visible Media offers a complete range of web design services producing state-of-the-art websites to businesses of various sizes. We know that a website is the first step for getting new customers, so we take web design seriously to meet your specific business goals. When we create our websites, we follow these four important principles of web design:

1. Website Appearance

Creating functional and attractive websites opens your business to endless opportunities. The appearance of your website is what makes customers become attracted, encouraging them to take action like subscribing to your newsletter or purchasing a product. This also acts like a narrator that tells the details about your company, brand, or services.

A website that optimizes content and contains modern elements will definitely convert visitors to customers. Besides appearance, you must also consider enhancing user experience to keep visitors roaming on your site.

2. Clear Navigation

Site navigation is an important part of your website that complements user experience because you help customers find what they need. A modern website incorporates navigation elements, linking one page to another, product page to category page, for instance, to lead people while browsing through your site. Web designers call this as breadcrumb navigation.

With breadcrumb navigation, website users are able to jump back to any web page they’ve previously visited. You can also use meta descriptions, affiliated links, and additional links to other relevant topics. While there are hundreds of navigation styles available, the selection is all about choosing the element that effectively works for your business.

3. Drawing the Attention

On any website, it is crucially important to keep the attention of your visitors intact while they are browsing through the pages. You need to integrate various web design elements to keep people hanging around the site. If you want to generate sales, you need to grab attention and keep them interested in your brand, products, and services.

You can hold the attention of your captured customers by using the following digital marketing tools:

  • Visually-oriented mediums, such as videos and images
  • Informative texts (articles and blog content)
  • Downloadable content
  • Online survey forms
  • Infographics or statistics
  • Product or service discounts

4. Encouraging To Take Action

Don’t forget to give your visitors a sense of direction when they deeply browse your site. When you launch a website, its ultimate goal is to encourage site visitors to take action. However, your potential customers won’t take any action if you don’t entice them to subscribe to your email list, follow your brand, or purchase any product from you.

You can do this by using call-to-action forms like image links, buttons, or text links at the end of every page. Including CTA as part of web design is needed if you want to get someone signs up on your contact page or purchase something from your line of products. Fortunately, our team of expert copywriters can support your digital marketing goals with actionable CTAs from increasing visitor conversions to email subscriptions. Though it requires time to build a performance-driven website that can bring customers to you, let our talented web developers take your business to new heights.

What Do Web Design Services From Be Visible Media Include?

Every business has its own unique needs, so our web design experts can deliver fully customized websites, tailor-fitted according to your preference. Our blue-ribbon web design services typically include:

SEO Optimization (Local and Global)

Our digital marketing experts are able to maximize the conversion potential of your website through best SEO practices in order to elevate your ranking over the search results. If your website gets better online visibility for relevant search results, you can create more organic traffic, which can be translated into higher sales and more frequent store visits.

Coordinated Web Pages

Our caliber web designers can make all web pages related to one another, helping your business generate strong interest from online visitors and eventually convert them as customers. We also deliver high-quality content marketing services to support your digital marketing strategies, whether you’re running a small brick-and-mortar establishment or an eCommerce store. You may contact us to get a free quotation over the number of pages you need for your website, whether you require just 10 or more than 50 pages.

Unlimited Style Options

Since we give importance to the overall appearance of your website, our web designers are able to offer different styling options from simple web designs to high-end looks. All you need to do is to share your design preference that truly reflects the character of your brand, so our web designers can come up with a beautiful website that is functional and modern.


Be Visible Media features an experienced team of copywriters capable of producing compelling copies that improve visitor engagement. All web content is optimized for SEO, which utilizes relevant and high-value search terms to generate impact from your targeted viewership.

Responsive Web Design

It is now imperative for businesses to provide mobile support for their websites since the vast majority of shoppers are now using mobile devices to find valuable information. Responsive design involves making your website look attractive on mobile screens, thus improving user experience and conversions in the process. Our web designers can optimize your website for both browser and mobile access through various responsive design techniques, including automatic screen size adjustment and vertical scrolling.

System Integration

Since many companies use the database for payment processing or customer profile management, our dedicated web designers can provide full support for different system integration needs, such as database integration, eCommerce functionality, and content management system. Our expert team of developers will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure we incorporate the right integration you exactly need for your business.

As an all-complete digital marketing agency, Be Visible Media can match any design requirement necessary to create modern, but highly intuitive websites. We have given our clients, like you, the full privilege to customize every aspect of our web design services because you know your audience, company, and market share far better than we do.