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Social media significantly affects a buyer’s purchasing decision. If you can’t manage your social media platforms alone, you definitely need a helping hand from a professional social media agency. Be Visible Media employs an expert team of social media specialists ready to execute your social media marketing plan to help your business grow beyond borders.

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Are you aware that over 75% of online consumers use social media when making a purchase decision? In the industry of business-to-consumers (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B), social media forms the critical part for most shoppers when looking for new products, fresh concepts and customer reviews over the internet. This encourages both digitally-run businesses and brick-and-mortar stores to invest in social media management services.


With an effective social media marketing plan, your business may now start building customers loyalty, brand awareness and leads from Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn among other popular social networking sites. Be Visible Media is a trusted digital marketing partner offering comprehensive social media services backed with high client recommendation score and affordable social media service packages. Since no businesses are exactly alike, we offer custom-made social media management plans, whether you want to promote on one social media site or multiple platforms.

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Social media services may typically include:

  • Standard consultation on one or multiple social media platforms
  • Number of social media post, custom images and boosted posts
  • Social media marketing strategy plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social media audit and reporting plan
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Delegated social media account manager for both single and multiple platforms
  • Editorial calendar
  • Access to content publishing or creation tools
  • Monthly analysis and monitoring report
  • Social media optimization (profile design and customization)
  • Update on campaign status and execution plan
  • Access to social media contest tools

Social media is now an essential online marketing resource for local and global businesses, allowing them to increase exposure and interest from customers. At the same time, search engines are starting to incorporate updates, profiles and comments into the search result pages, noting the importance of social interaction and brand following. This prompts social media marketers to take one step ahead since the digital landscape for online consumers is rapidly changing.

Why You Should Partner with Be Visible Media as your Social Media Marketing Company In Cebu

Forming a stable partnership with a social media marketing agency can provide the necessary competitive edge you need over market competitors, but your marketing strategy can either make or break your campaign. We, at Be Visible Media, can offer you a number of compelling reasons why you should work with our professional marketing team.

  • Learning the best industry practices from our top-rated professionals

Collaborating your social media marketing strategies with the best available talents in our team can bring lasting success for your business over a short period of time. As an experienced social media agency, Be Visible Media features a talented pool of social media specialists who can deliver interesting marketing copies, stunning images and concept development strategies, further improving the brand exposure of your business. However, you are expected to contribute by learning the fundamentals of different social media platforms, including current industry practices, marketing strategies and techniques, so you can monitor the progress of your marketing plan effectively.

  • Improving your social media marketing ROI

As an entrepreneur, you want to get the most from your advertising campaigns, whether you prefer to generate leads or promote your business through social networks. You’re always looking forward for something huge in return from increased sales or enhanced online presence. This is where the expertise of an experienced social media service provider will come in.

If you’re serious about forming partnerships with a social media agency, consider candidates that strongly emphasize the value of business growth. Be Visible Media is a complete source of social media management services, helping your business earn a remarkable return of investment from different social media apps. We can provide the appropriate tools, expertise and proven strategies to match your current marketing goals without compromising the productivity level of your internal team. As your social media marketing partner, we strive to alleviate the need of producing, optimizing and monitoring your strategies, so you can stay focused on other critical aspects of your business operations.

  • Direct access to advanced marketing tools

In today’s digital business landscape, investing on advanced marketing tools has become a necessity for businesses to expand through online marketing. This prompts both modern and traditional entrepreneurs to work with social media marketing agencies who normally possess these beneficial marketing programs in order to track down the performance of their marketing strategies. Our technology-driven tools can analyze billions of relevant data points and generate credible recommendations to enhance your digital marketing campaigns. However, you will only be granted direct access to our marketing tech if you decide to collaborate with our all-exclusive social media team.

  • Resolving time management issues

In a typical business setup, a dedicated in-house team member is often assigned to handle social media marketing duties. For some organizations, however, they prefer to invest in social media management services to cut down business operational cost and in-house resources. If you work with Be Visible Media, you may get instant access to one of our qualified social media experts who can steadily improve your online presence in various social media networks, thus allowing you to focus on what you need to prioritize.

What do Be Visible Media Social Media Services Include?

Our primary business goal is to see your business grow exponentially, so we offer a comprehensive range of social media management services to make sure your online presence is constantly felt. They are as follows:

  • Custom images

Our professional social media experts can create stunning custom images to capture the attention of your target social media users from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. We want to make sure that all your social media posts leave a lasting impression.

  • Social media account setup

An optimized social media account is what you need to complement your social media marketing strategies. You can request our social media specialist to create an awesome social media account that will boost your online presence in various platforms.

  • Detailed competitor analysis

You can receive a clear insight into the online performance of your fiercest rivals in the industry with an in-depth competitor analysis. Your dedicated social media expert will make sure you’ll get the competitive edge by discovering the weaknesses of your closest competitors. Our research may also provide valuable information about the best marketing strategies you can apply to generate more opportunities for your business.

  • Genuine social media posts

Social media posts should be original if you want to create constant followers or engage with current customers. Our experienced social media specialists can create a bunch of compelling social media posts for you, but we won’t post them in public without your prior approval.

  • Cover and profile photo design

An impressive profile photo is more than enough to increase brand awareness and trust signals from social media users. Our social media specialist can make a professional cover photo design if you want your social media accounts to draw attention.

  • Enhanced data-driven marketing strategy

With our technically-advanced marketing software, you can receive a fully customized strategy for your digital marketing campaigns, only conducted by your dedicated social media specialist.

  • Exclusive social media performance audit

Your devoted social media specialist can generate a custom social media marketing plan with a complete social media account audit. This will include thorough review of your previous comments, posts and customer interactions in order to develop new social media marketing strategies for your brand.

  • Brand reputation analysis

Our team of social media experts can browse different social media platforms for negative comments about your brand or organization. We may also provide useful recommendations on how you can improve your current social media marketing plan.

  • Boosted posts ad services

Your committed social media manager can create aggressive ad campaigns to increase your online presence and receive more engagements. But this will require an in-depth research on your present market share, user behavior and social media marketing strategies to make campaigns more effective.

  • Personalized social media manager

When you work with us, you can meet a dedicated social media account manager who can drive more organic traffic and improve user engagement from different social media platforms. With their marketing specialization, you can maximize the results of your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Daily monitoring

Our social media specialist can monitor the performance of your social media accounts on a daily basis. This may include checking out performance of social media posts and frequency of user interaction.

  • Regular consultations

To ensure success of your social media marketing strategy, you can meet your dedicated social media account manager to talk about the performance of your daily campaigns. You may also receive conceivable recommendations that can optimize the content of your social media accounts in order to maximize the benefits of your strategy.

  • Concise monthly reports

Aside from monthly consultations, you can also meet your personal social media account manager to get a detailed report. Your account manager will thoroughly discuss the report to help you and your entire marketing team make necessary adjustments over the current social media marketing plan.

Where Can I Market My Business on Social Media?

Using our extensive social media management services, we can help your business launch multiple marketing campaigns through the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

Be Visible Media specializes in these social media platforms as they are considered the most popular among social media users today. Our social media professionals, however, will delegate additional research time on search trends, industry competitors and audience share to determine which platform may provide the best results for you.

Our Process: How do Be Visible Media's Social Media Management Services Work?

This section clarifies how our social media team delivers high quality social media management services for businesses of any scale. The whole social media management process is conducted in several phases that include:


1. Getting to know your account manager

Once your social media marketing requirements are clarified, you will meet a dedicated social media account manager assigned to supervise all aspects of your social media campaigns from posting activities to monthly reporting. You will receive strategy recommendations, competitor analysis, industry updates and performance reports, all valuable components to achieve a successful marketing campaign on social networks. And to make your campaigns effective, our social media specialist will find time to collaborate with your team for any expert suggestions and marketing development.


2. Acquiring a comprehensive analysis of your current online performance

Once your in-house team and your social media account manager meet, the next step is to launch your initial social media marketing campaigns. Before this happen, however, your social media specialist has already conducted thorough research about your market competitors, campaign performance and target consumers to build a strong foundation for the strategy. This research may offer your social media marketer valuable information to help your business overcome inevitable obstacles along the way. Additionally, our social media specialist will share all the details of the research with you for transparency.


3. Receiving a good building block for your marketing strategy

After completing the market research, your social media account manager will start developing your social media strategy suitable for your brand reputation and market coverage. With the use of research data, in-depth analysis of the search trends and your team contributions, our social media specialist may now produce short-term and long-term strategies to be used for further expansion. Though our social media experts can develop the strategies alone, everyone is still encouraged to ask questions or clarify any section of the social media marketing plan to ensure lasting results for all forms of digital marketing.


4. Executing the developed strategies

Once you approve our social media strategy, your social media specialist may now prepare your personalized posts, advertisements and custom images. You can review and approve the above-mentioned deliverables either every week or every month depending on the social media package you’ve acquired with us. Rest assured that our social media specialist will follow your strategy while strictly monitoring the performance of your posts and ad campaigns.

In the following months, your business should display some noticeable changes from your day-to-day social media campaign. Your social media accounts can be expected to generate comments and inquiries regarding your products, brand or services, eventually leading to more conversions and sales in the process.