VItal CBD Outlet

Vital CBD Outlet
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Working in collaboration with Local Interactive a digital marketing agency or consultancy to help with SEO On-Page. Vital CBD Outlet is an online CBD store for you to buy the latest cutting edge high-quality CBD products to enhance your life.

What was done

  • Optimize meta tags- 25 pages were optimized
Optimizing Meta tags of VItalCBDOutlet
  • Adding GSC- Sitemap is submitted, manually indexed pages that are optimized
VitalCBDOutlet- Adding GSC
  • Added Schema
Product Schema
Blog Posting Schema
  • Optimize Pagespeed


Baseline Pagespeed


Pagespeed optimized
  • 6 Months Content Creation Ideas and Linkbuilding
Monthly Content Ideas & Plan

Suggested Recommendation

I suggested getting more social reactions, build backlinks, create a FAQ page, improve E.A.T, and more.

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