8 Ideas for Keeping Your Website Relevant & Fresh

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A credible website containing a lot of accurate information is one important thing you need to provide for your customers to help them make the right buying decisions. It can be difficult to attain your business goals without a well-designed, user-friendly website, especially if you’re looking forward to generate more sales or improve brand awareness. Remember that the way consumers use websites to search fresh information on certain products and services over the internet is constantly changing.

8 Ideas for Keeping your Website Relevant and Updated

All marketing strategies for digital business landscapes are constantly moving forward towards technical advancement. What works for your business with regard to marketing effort this year might not work a few months after, so it’s critically important to follow the latest web design and digital marketing trends to stay competitive. Here are 8 useful suggestions you can use to boost the look and performance of your current business website:

1. Utilizing content calendar for keeping your website fresh

Your content is the primary reason why visitors come to your website, whether you have published a new post, offered numerous service discounts or introduced a diverse range of products. If you don’t have any content calendar for creating and adding new content then you should start making one right now. You may use Google calendar that reminds you about the contents you need to update or a comprehensive WordPress plugin like Editorial Calendar that allows you to make schedules or edit any existing post conveniently.

2. Combining images with eye-catching graphics

You will never go wrong with impressive photos to draw visitors to your website. And you can do much more if you include catchy graphics to complement your image content and produce artistic expressions. To make this work, you need to choose the appropriate graphics related to your photos that best represent your personality and business identity well.

If you own an ecommerce store that offers sportswear, for instance, you can use high quality product images surrounded with graphic illustrations about various sports logos. This can entice potential customers to visit your page, particularly those physically active in fitness and sports.

3. Keeping your website simple

Not all visitors want to see a website bombarded with pictures, texts and online ads. A minimalist feel may provide a subtle appeal over brands that assume a luxurious image impression. Modern websites, in fact, now use sharp lines and white spaces to emphasize product details and physical features better. If you wish to put more emphasis on your products, opt for a cleaner website theme to reduce clutters and content disorientation.

4. Updating older contents

Any piece of relevant content which was previously created may require constant updating to keep it reliable for any search query. That’s because the more fresh content you produce, the larger your archive of previous content will be. Your older content may possibly get additional page views when you link it to your new posts, thus allowing you to generate new leads or elevate sales numbers in the process.

Planning your content strategy is necessary as information keeps changing or you may have new insights you wish to incorporate to your previous articles. If you already created hundreds of archived posts, you may consider updating your most relevant and best-performing contents on your websites to make work a lot manageable for you. Put some reminders into your content calendar to update your articles and other pages at least every six months.

5. Using pastel colors

The use of pastel colors can provide some nostalgic effects for your website while it draws interest from page visitors. Exciting colors like pink, blue and yellow can add that vibrancy you need to make your products look enticing. A website that features this awesome color scheme may work effectively for attracting frequent travelers, aspiring artists, nature lovers and home owners searching for home improvement design inspirations.

6. Upgrading website navigation

Digital marketing is no longer limited to conventional browsers as modern consumers now rely on mobile access to find new information. Aside from website design, you must now consider making your website mobile friendly or mobile responsive to reach more potential visitors, particularly on the local search level. This involves making your website easily accessible on different mobile devices or screen sizes. As a website owner, you also need to stay updated over the current SEO practices and marketing tools such as schema.org markup for better performance on the search results, so your site can avoid getting left out of the race.

With regard to site speed, it’s best to regularly test your most relevant pages for desktop and mobile apps to prevent high bounce rate or low conversion rate. You may use Google’s Test My Site and Page Speed Insights tools to get suggestions on how you can improve your website speed.

7. Producing localized content

If you want to increase brand awareness within a targeted group, personalizing your website content should form part of your foremost consideration. By using web designing tools, you can integrate any element of the local culture you know into the website appearance to enhance that intimate connection between you and your potential visitors. This may include interesting language expressions, tourism spots, family traditions and local landmarks present in your area.

8. Keeping a close watch on keyword information

You may use Google Search Console data to verify what keywords are drawing visitors to your website. If your content displays outdated and irrelevant keywords, however, you must consider revising the contents based on the current search trends and consumer behavior to keep customers active and engaged with your website. With proper keyword research and regular competitor analysis, you can easily generate fresh and interesting topics which you can offer for your audience.

Freshness is the key to win new prospects while allowing your brand to build networks with other influencers within your industry. Because if you want to keep visitors coming back to your site, you definitely need to keep it updated and engaging at all times with a little assistance from experienced web developers and digital marketing agency Be Visible Media.

Dale Basilla