SEO Services & What You Need to Know

SEO Services & What You Need to Know
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Most online consumers use various search terms to find valuable information, so formulating an effective SEO marketing campaign is truly important. Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing a website to increase its page rank in the search engine results pages for relevant terms related to your industry. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important digital marketing tactic that businesses should invest in to improve their online visibility and generate qualified leads.

Types of SEO Services

Business owners and web designers utilize the SEO strategy not only to improve website appearance but also to enhance the loading speed of the website and its user experience. The following are major types of SEO services often offered by digital advertising agencies to businesses wanting to compete online:

1. On-page SEO

On-page optimization is a valuable component of an SEO marketing plan where web pages are optimized to generate organic traffic. In this process, relevant search terms are incorporated into headers, images, articles, title tags, meta descriptions, and other elements. Be sure to keep your website updated as search engines may view it as trustworthy and relevant to the users. Some useful on-page SEO techniques include:

· Keyword research

Determine the words and phrases related to your business you want to rank in search engines. You need to know which of these keywords have high relevance and search volume, but only moderately competitive. Once you have determined the right keywords, you should optimize them in your content, headers, and other performing pages.

· Meta description

Meta tag and meta description informs search engine crawlers about the nature or purpose of your website. Make sure to use appropriate keywords within the text description to increase your chances of ranking better.


When creating content, only create informative and updated articles, images, and embedded videos to generate quality leads and initiates more engagement. If you want your website to target specific customers, consider producing hyperlocal content or using location-specific keywords.

·Internal linking

Internal links are URLs that link to other pages of your website, usually attached to anchored texts. You may insert the link in your content that has been converting well or in your authoritative pages with good organic traffic performance to help search engines better evaluate your website.

Incorporating different on-page SEO techniques into your marketing plan will help search engines better understand the content of your website. Search engines only want fresh and relevant content to be displayed on the results page. You should expect fierce competition within your industry as other market competitors will do everything to be rewarded with a favorable position over the search results page, hence allowing them to garner qualified leads and conversions.

2. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is strategies that you perform outside of your website. Off-page SEO is all about getting exposure and trust from various established websites, ultimately leading to more organic leads and conversions. Search engines consider websites linked to other reputable websites to be trustworthy, especially if you offer expertise or a unique line of products or services.

The majority of off-page techniques are focused on link building strategies. Link building is a practice of motivating authoritative websites to link back to you by featuring your content. Search engines utilize the quality of backlinks as a measure of website authority, thus only interacting with businesses that are related to your industry is crucially important. Some of the off-page SEO techniques include:

·Guest posting

There are many bloggers and online publishers you can communicate with which you may request to feature your content on their website. But only choose businesses that are related to your content to earn quality backlinks and referrals.

·Market research

You need to conduct research about where your market competitors are getting backlinks. Check the backlink profiles of your closest competitors and try to contact these website owners if they can give you a hyperlink.

·Reporter link

Consider forming a relationship with a journalist requesting insights from industry experts. You can offer expertise through interviews and informative articles to receive quality backlinks. Because the profile of the backlinks you link to your website is important to search engines, make sure that the generated links are high quality and only earned from authoritative sites. You can start a link building strategy by producing high quality articles such as infographics and comprehensive guides. You can showcase your expertise with these forms of content, which will ultimately generate backlinks and potential customers for you. Also, utilize social media exposure to introduce your business to customers who might be in need of your expertise and services.

3. Technical SEO 

While on-page and off-page SEO techniques are focused on keyword utilization and backlink generation, technical SEO, in turn, focuses on server optimization and other technical aspects of the website.

These are actions taken to help search engines crawl and rank your website properly. Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing every single day, it simply means that their requirements are also constantly evolving. To ensure that there is no issue with search engines crawling your website, you need to implement an efficient technical SEO strategy containing the following:

·Page speed

Website speed is a valuable ranking factor because it affects your user experience and page conversion rate. Consider simplifying your website template, compressing the images, and limiting the page redirects. You should also optimize the visual elements by making your site look clean and modern.

·Mobile responsiveness

User experience is directly influenced by the click-through rate and bounce rate of your website, especially if the website is being accessed through mobile. Because users are switching from laptop to mobile devices and vice-versa, depending on accessibility, you should check with your web developers if your website is easy to navigate from two different devices. Consider image compression, clean website design, and browser caching to improve loading speed.

·Duplicate content

Avoid having duplicate content because your website becomes untrustworthy from the point of view of search engines, which can result in a sudden page drop in the SERPs. Consolidate duplicate content or delete content that doesn’t generate views or traffic.

·Site structure

Just use HTTPS hypertext, a user-friendly URL structure, and dependable internal links. You may also utilize XML sitemap, enabling search engines like Google to develop organized indices of your web pages. In addition to this, updating your Robots.txt file is a valuable technical SEO strategy as the txt file tells search engine crawlers which areas of your pages should not be indexed.

4. Local SEO

If you want to promote your business in your local community, you need to develop a local SEO strategy. Local SEO focuses on the specific location of your business and usually targets local customers. In this situation, you need to optimize your Google My Business profile.

In your Google My Business profile, you enter the business name, contact information, business hours, product descriptions, supporting images, and reviews. It should have a location map to help customers easily find you. Search engines like Google look at the relevance, proximity, and popularity based on a user’s search query. So if the content of your business profile is always fresh and relevant, you will be able to see your website in the first 10 slots of the local SERPs.

When using a local SEO strategy, it is advisable that you use hyperlocal content where you can feature your products, services and expertise to the target local audience who may benefit from your business. Only upload photos or produce articles that the audience can relate to you by incorporating local culture or standard of living.

Our SEO Services in Cebu?

You can have a great opportunity to rank locally because only less than 50 percent of businesses claim a GMB listing. If you have a booming business in Cebu, you should not miss the opportunity to generate quality leads and customer conversions by following an effective SEO marketing campaign. And you can do this if you have a reliable SEO agency in Cebu that will help improve your online presence both in the global or local market.

Reach out to SEO company Be Visible Media if you want to learn the practice of SEO or our SEO. If you are interested in SEO marketing for your business, the digital marketing experts of Be Visible Media are ready to answer your concerns about digital marketing techniques and their best practices. The success of local businesses today depends on how website features are properly optimized in creating high quality organic results in your area.

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