SEO in the Philippines: How to Do Practical SEO for Small Business?

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The business landscape is constantly evolving not only in the global market but also at the local level. Almost all local businesses are now switching from conventional brick-and-mortar models to digital selling. In this situation where consumers are becoming more dependent on the internet for information, you should consider developing an effective SEO marketing campaign to keep up with the intense competition within your industry. Suppose you hit the right SEO strategy for your business. In that case, endless business opportunities await you because you can reach potential customers in various places in the Philippines, such as Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, and neighboring areas of NCR through a functional website.

Do an Audit

Utilizing social media profiles in local businesses is now a common practice. If you own a small business in Cebu, however, your marketing campaign will be more effective with the help of a well-organized and accessible website. You gain a high level of authority in your industry if you are maintaining an active business website. At the same time, you can maximize your online visibility through exposure to online forums, business directories, and link building.

Because search engine algorithms are continuously changing a lot lately, their requirements are constantly evolving, thus becoming more complex in the process. You need to maintain a consistent SEO audit to immediately resolve any operational issues that may affect the organic traffic performance of your website. A typical SEO audit process should be comprehensive and conducted in a reasonable amount of time, depending on the nature and size of the business. A comprehensive SEO in the Philippines generally includes several critical website components as follows:

· Website architecture

· On-page optimization

· Off-page optimization

· Content gaps and duplication

· Technical aspects involving search engine crawling and indexing

· Website appearance and ease of navigation

· Market competitor analysis

· Page traffic and conversion rate

· Site responsiveness and adaptability

As a site owner, your main responsibility is to ensure that the SEO strategy to be implemented is in line with your business goals and priorities. It would be best if you optimized web pages that rank high and strengthen your external link strategy with the help of other industry experts. When your website undergoes a complete SEO audit, look for broken links, less authoritative pages, and components affecting the site’s overall performance. You also need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the closest rivals in your industry to find out how your business can have a bigger advantage.

On-Page SEO

Since your business is always up against the best market competitors in your local industry, your SEO marketing tactic should continuously evolve. An effective way to keep your local business relevant and in demand for your potential customers is to use on-page SEO techniques. On-page SEO is all about optimizing multiple pages and utilizing performing keywords in titles, meta descriptions, articles, images, and headers, among other site elements. This helps search engine crawlers better understand the function and purpose of your website, in addition to the visual content you must upload to create engagement.

Conducting regular keyword research is a valuable on-page SEO activity. You need to determine the right keywords with high relevance or search volume and utilize them to produce highly informative content. Search engines will view active and updated websites as authoritative and trustworthy. Your content should meet the interest of your target viewers while offering them useful information and accurate navigational directions.

SEO specialists should prioritize meta titles and meta descriptions because these elements create the first impression for your website. The meta title and meta description should be highly descriptive but only incorporate the right keywords to stay relevant to the local search. Meta description gives page visitors an initial idea regarding what your website may offer them when they click it. By using targeted keywords, you can generate sufficient organic traffic while reducing the high bounce rate.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is everything you do outside of your website. Off-page SEO has to do with gaining exposure and establishing authority through the help of other reputable websites or prominent online personalities. For search engines, websites that generate quality backlinks are considered trustworthy and experts in a particular industry.

Building up backlinks is the main objective of off-page SEO techniques. You can form a relationship or initiate interaction with other businesses relevant to your expertise. Here are some off-page SEO techniques you can try:

1. Interviews

To gather high-quality backlinks, you can interact with any media personality looking for industry experts. You can host an interview or share informative content to receive an external link in return.

2. Guest posting

With this link building strategy, you need to communicate with established bloggers or publishers to request if they can feature your content on their website. Guest posting is a convenient way to introduce your expertise and find more potential customers. Just make sure that the authoritative domains you are interacting with are relevant to your business because search engines cautiously evaluate the quantity and quality of backlinks you receive.

3. Competitor research

Consider checking the backlink profile of reputable websites related to your industry and communicate with its technical team or site owner. It is important that you gain the confidence of other established companies regarding your expertise and experience.

Google My Business

Google My Business has become a valuable contributor in boosting your local SEO in Cebu. You should not ignore the many remarkable benefits of Google My Business, especially if you operate a relatively small business. Google My Business is a free business tool enabling your website to connect with millions of potential customers within your local community. Potential customers may easily find your business, regardless if they are looking for business information or using a maps query.

Even if you only operate a small business, your marketing potential may become greater once you have utilized your GMB listing on various online platforms. Your GMB profile enables your customers to easily reach you via local search terms, business information, or site map. This versatile business tool is designed to help increase your online visibility for consumers who might need your expertise, products, and services.

You can fully utilize your Google My Business listing in various ways. Updating your business name, address, operation hours, special announcements, reviews, and contact details should be made regularly. Consider uploading impressive photos and explainer videos to generate social interaction. Once you claim your GMB profile, it becomes easier to promote your website using social media, online forums, and review sites.

How Much Does SEO Cost in the Philippines?

The business atmosphere of local industries is highly competitive. Hence implementing an effective local SEO strategy is crucially important. Maintaining a beautifully designed website is no longer sufficient because the personal needs of online consumers continue to evolve every day. Suppose you fail to execute your SEO marketing plan properly. In that case, your website may lose its top position from the local search ranking, which will ultimately result in missed conversions and business losses. You need some serious help from a reliable SEO agency to maintain your strong online presence and stay relevant in your industry.

There are many cost factors to consider before determining the initial upfront cost of your SEO campaign. Your final costing depends on the business size, business type, and competitiveness level in the geographical location. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts also need to determine if your local SEO strategy needs a complete revamp or needs a little improvement, especially if your website has been penalized by Google for wrong SEO practices. The service rate is also determined according to the number of hours to be rendered each day for several months.

If you are looking for a dependable SEO company in the Philippines, consider the one possessing vast experience in executing actionable local SEO campaigns in an orderly manner. You may contact Digital Marketing Agency Be Visible Media for all your SEO management concerns and available SEO option. Be Visible Media has a sufficient number of highly specialized team members capable of delivering real results for you. Regardless if you own a start-up or large business in Cebu, you need to work closely with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team from the investigation period to the actual implementation of your SEO plan to achieve desirable organic traffic results.

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